Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lomito y piernas - Santiago eating & drinking

There were a few things on my list to do yesterday - attempt a run, eat a massive sandwich, checkout what this talk about cafe con piernas was, and head to one of the Santiago city parks.

I got myself up and out of the apartment for a run with no problem. However, running for the first time in about three weeks in already serious heat at 9AM was a little rougher than I anticipated. Anyway, I survived and was proud of my 4.5mile jog. However, I got back to the apartment ready for a nice shower and what do you know, the water was out! I wondered why I'd seen multiple people in the elevators with water jugs to fill up. I just assumed that that's what people did on Saturday mornings :) My previous excitement a few days ago about showers and not worrying about toilets was crushed! I had no other choice but to bring back out the face and baby wipes and 'shower' that way. The small bottle of water that I'd bought on the way back from the run came in handy too.

I cleaned up, messaged my AirBnB host, and continued on with my day. I would later hear from her that apparently the water was expected to be back on around 3. I certainly hoped so because I was really going to need a shower by then.

Next on the agenda was food! Destination Fuente Alemana - a Santiago institution for like 50 years and home of apparently delicious massive Chilean sandwiches. Yumm!

I read up on when to go and what to order before hand so I was well prepared upon arrival! I went early so it was more of a brunch but sat myself at a counter bar stool and promptly ordered a Lomito Italiano (marinated port tenderloin, tomatoes, globs of mayo and tons of smashed avocado) y un shoppe (beer). Can't have a massive sandwich without a beer right??

The sandwich did not disappoint! It was delicious and I devoured it - with a knife and fork of course. The pork and roll were both ridiculously tasty. I normally do not like mayo or avocado on sandwiches and avoid it at all costs but in this case I went for it and was pleasantly surprised. As I sat at the counter I watched as a lovely ladies made sandwich after sandwich as well as the occasional hot dog piled just as high!


Next on the list was Cafe con Piernas - or coffee with legs. What is this you ask? Kinda like if hooters were serving coffee. There are various coffee shops around downtown where the waitresses are wearing skimpy dresses and serving up delicious coffee. While I don't drink coffee I figured I needed to check this out. I walked in to a quite nice coffee shop with outdoor and indoor bar tops and immediately noticed two things first, it was pretty much all men and second, the waitresses were wearing florescent green mini dresses - lots of leg to be seen. It was all very casual and normal, just a cup of coffee with some eye candy :)  I should have done it on Thursday or Friday afternoon/evening because I think the sight of the ladies might have been better but I got the point. 

Now that I'd had a massive sandwich and seen my cafe con piernas it was time for a walk! I headed back over the river to the Bella Vista neighborhood to check out the park over there with a Virgin Mary statue at the top of the hill. Totally unprepared for the walk I was about to embark on I started up the hill. Next thing I know I'm following other people and end up essentially on a dirt trail that's pretty steep. I had not worn the best footwear for this - my Tiek flats - but I made due and really hoped that the water was working at the apartment. I saw people wearing worse shoes than me! I eventually made it to the top and there were quite nice views across Santiago in every direction as well as a large Mary statue and actual sanctuary where they appear to do services. I guess if you're going to go to mass that's not a bad place!

Panoramic from the top

My dirty dirty feet!
Desperate for a shower and a snack I wandered back down the hill, through Bella Vista, stopped for some ice cream, and made my way home. After the much needed shower, some laundry, a rest, and prepping my packing, I headed back out in this neighborhood of Bellas Artes for some wine an a bit of food around 9. I popped into a cafe that I eyed earlier picked a sidewalk table, had a nice little meal, people watched, wrote a few post cards, and read up on Buenos Aires.  

All in all a successful few days in Santiago. While I did a lot of walking around it was nice and relaxing which was what I was looking for between the Inca Trail and upcoming Patagonia trek. 

Today I head to Buenos Aires just for the night and then to Puerto Natales (back in Chile) via El Calafate, Argentina. Looking forward to catching a glimpse of Buenos Aires tonight and then seeing what southern Chile is all about! 

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